San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a warm, inclusive TK-8 community. We pride ourselves on the unique and creative ways that we engage with our students to make learning impactful – and fun! If you haven’t visited our campus, come take a tour and we’ll show you how we are growing the next generation of dreamers and doers!

Two students at San Diego Cooperative Charter School hold a water hose next to a school garden

Environmental Education

At SDCCS, “growth” doesn’t just apply to student achievement – it applies to vegetables too! Our school garden is tended by TK-5 students through a weekly science class. The food that students grow is used in our kitchen and to feed campus animals. Gardening is a great way for children to learn about the environment – from the growth cycle of seeds to sprouts to produce, to the impact that rain, drought and other elements of nature can have on plant life. It also reinforces healthy eating habits, as research shows that children are significantly more likely to eat vegetables that they have grown.  

Caring for Critters

If you ask SDCCS students to name one of their favorite parts of school you’ll likely hear “campus animals”! Our students collect eggs from our chickens and work alongside staff to take care of a variety of animals. In the process, they learn about life cycles and make connections between food, animals and the environment. Kindergarteners and their 5th grade “buddies” learn how to interact with the animals and be respectful to all creatures. And the animals bring students a lot of joy too: our duck “Big Haus” has been at SDCCS for 8 years and is a school favorite – he wags his tail and comes when he’s called!

Connecting with Our Community

At SDCCS, students explore the world around them with a lens of justice and equality. Through our unique social justice projects, all grades at SDCCS learn about the challenges facing our world today and participate in solutions. Our students volunteer to help in community recycling programs, neighborhood cleanups, food drives, clothing drives, and food kitchens. They coordinate donations of supplies and materials to sister schools in Mexico, learning about the needs of other cultures and communities beyond San Diego. Our socially conscious students graduate ready to build a better future.   

Tuition-free San Diego Cooperative Charter School students hands reach up to touch a sunflower.

A Commitment to Equity

Growth outcomes don’t just apply to students at SDCCS – we also have high expectations of our staff. A commitment to diversity and honoring the unique contributions of each individual is part of the vision and mission that founded our school. SDCCS faculty and staff support this vision by modeling empathy and actively participating in equity initiatives. From hiring practices to implicit bias and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) training, our entire staff are culturally responsive and committed to ensuring that every student has an equitable experience at SDCCS. It’s a unique and foundational part of who we are!

San Diego Coop Charter School is a unique learning community that engages all students and makes connections between the curriculum and the outside world. Contact us and enroll today!


About San Diego Cooperative Charter School

San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a tuition-free charter school serving TK-8 grade students in the San Diego, CA area. Our warm learning atmosphere and excellent academics inspire empathetic, engaged lifelong learners. Students are supported by a unique co-op model of family engagement. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.