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Special Education

We are a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to helping your child participate and learn at SDCCS.  We also support parents and caregivers in accessing resources and ideas to help families grow and learn together.

Our staff services consist of:

  • Speech and Language Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • School Psychology
  • Adaptive PE
  • Educational Specialists
  • Physical Therapy

Special Education: Articles/Resources

  • El Dorado Charter SELPA – Parent Training Webinars – El Dorado Charter SELPA is excited to offer parents a number of online training opportunities that will help navigate the special education process and improve student outcomes. Click here to view upcoming webinars to register.
  • Teen Tech Whiz With Dyslexia Shares His Expertise to Help Others – An inspiring article about Jack who achieves success at school through the use of Assistive Technology.
  • Using Weighted Materials – A great guide for the use of various weighted materials and how they benefit students who need help with sensory processing.
  • Exceptional Family Resource Center (EFRC) All of the staff at EFRC are parents of children with special needs (any special need) and can provide resources based on their personal knowledge. 1-800-281-8252.
  • Valerie’s List – Valerie is the mother of a child with autism and has created an e-newsletter with resources and information for parents that is sent out several times a week. Parents often post questions or request for information and other parents respond with their suggestions based on their experiences.
  • Flourishing Families Special Needs Resource Guide – This is an excellent compilation of resources for parents of children with special needs in San Diego.

Contact Information: SDCCS Special Education

Phone: 858-496-1613
Fax: 858-467-9741