As a cooperative school, we could not function without the tremendous support of our parents, staff, friends and the greater San Diego community.

Please note that because we are a non-profit organization (tax id#33-0931009 under the Theresa Hessling Charter School Project) your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for guidance. Thank you for your generosity.

There are various ways to contribute to a classroom. You may make a one time monetary donation or a reoccurring monthly monetary donation.

SDCCS Donations

Contribute Directly to The San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools (SDCCS)  General Fund Contributions can be made online, via credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Please write the check out to SDCCS or SDCCS PSA and notate where the funds should be directed – either in the memo line or you can include a note when you put the check(s) in the PSA Treasurer’s Mailbox. (Erica or Jackie in the front office can help direct you to the PSA Treasure’s Mailbox.)

Make a Contribution Online

Online contributions will be shown as being made to the Theresa Hessling Charter School Project a non-profit organization (tax id#33-0931009).


Ms. Deb Schabel’s TK Classroom
Ms. Jocelyn Calica’s Kindergarten Classroom
Ms. Savonia Guy’s Kindergarten Classroom
Ms. Abby Stephenson’s 1st Grade Classroom
Ms. Jaki Henry’s 1st Grade Classroom
Ms. Jessie Witt’s 2nd Grade Classroom
Mr. Garrett Ordonez’s 2nd Grade Classroom
Ms. Anu Hazzan’s 3rd Grade Classroom
Ms. Kaitlyn Ledgard’s 3rd Grade Classroom
Ms. Danika Hochberger’s 4th Grade Classroom
Ms. Ana Bedoy Medina’s 4th Grade Classroom
Ms. Nicolette Stebbin’s 5th Grade Classroom
Ms. Whitney Schulze’s 5th Grade Classroom
Ms. Sophia Flores’ 6th Grade Classroom
Ms. Taylor Davis’ 6th Grade Classroom
Mr. Jeff Plapp’s 7th Grade Classroom
Mr. Jared Gualtieri’s 7th Grade Classroom
Mr. Julian Rico’s 8th Grade Classroom
Ms. Jean Dugan’s 8th Grade Classroom
Special Education Program
Art- Ms. Janel Kerr
PE- Mr. Anthony Destino
Dance- Ms. Mayra de Alba
Music- Ms. Lizeth Ricon Corzo
The Co-Op Coop- Chickens & Ducks
Counseling Department
School Newspaper- The Co-Op Times
PSA General Fund