A Message from the Executive Director

It has been said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members. I believe that the true measure of a school is how often students are at the heart of every adult decision… or said in another way…

To what degree does the school adjust to the individual needs of every student (academic, social-emotional, and physical)?

For centuries including the days of Socrates, only the wealthy had an individualized education. Today, with the advent of schools that depart from the cookie-cutter approach to learning, all parents have a choice for their children.

The CoOP Schools represent a phenomenal choice for children.  Students are at that heart of every decision we make.

CoOP School – Linda Vista and CoOP School – Mountain View both stand for learning that is student-driven, project-based with great structure and facilitated lessons.  The CoOP Schools were founded with parental involvement/ engagement as a central theme.  Simply put parents are learning partners. We believe in the importance of the “whole-child” providing art, music and movement (PE and dance) with teachers that specialize in these areas. We value every child for who he or she is, and meet students where they are so we can help each child uncover his/ her gifts to share with and serve the world.  Did you know we are Ashoka Changemaker school?

We are the only elementary, middle or high school in San Diego County! Learn more here.

Personalized education cannot be done alone.  At the CoOP, teachers, students, parents, school leaders, support staff and the community all strive together and serve together to create a progressive school culture where adults are committed to learning new ways to help students learn deeply.

In 2016-17, we are working on the Growth Mindset and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to engage every child (high, middle and emerging)!  We are forming a learning design council that will explore how to design a high school that is in line with the CoOP Schools kinder thru 8th grade learning core values.  Lastly, all of our teachers are receiving extensive training by Fuel Ed to learn more about the social and emotional competencies to build quality relationships with students.

Come join us as we work to perfect what we and many parents believe is the best educational environment available.

Whether you are a current parent or a prospect, I look forward to meeting you on campus to discuss how we can work together to help every child love school, learn audaciously, and change the world.


Tom Pellegrino
Executive Director
Tom@sdccs (.org)
The CoOP Schools