Executive Director

I am honored to be the Executive Director of San Diego Cooperative Charter School! I have been working at this school since 2005. Over the years, I have seen the school grow just as I have. My teaching career brought me from Michigan to California via Arizona. I have taught in schools with 4,000 students (I called them student factories) to our small, close-knit community where I have taught kids from 2nd to 8th grade. I am in constant amazement at the work that teachers do. I began my journey as an administrator in 2013 and began working as an Executive Director in 2019 my goal as an educator and leader is to innovate, support and inspire. I want to know every student and parent in our school so that I can support you in your family’ s educational path. I believe in having some fun while educating kids. I will continue the work of creating amazing innovative, educational programs and I plan to continue to build on what I believe to be the best school community ever created.

I believe in our educational philosophy, the focus is on academic excellence but it is through collaboration and critical thinking. Our focus on the whole child is developed through relationships, social-emotional teaching and amazing courses like art, PE, music and dance at all grade levels. I believe strongly in what we do and know that we are innovators in education.

I have four kids and a loving husband who have supported me in my journey here at The San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools. All four of my children have graduated from SDCCS. This school has been a wonderful place to assist in teaching my kids the love of learning that they will have with them for a lifetime.