A Message from the Executive Director


I believe that an important measure of a school is how often students’ well being and learning are at the heart of every adult decision.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools represent a phenomenal choice for children. Students are at the heart of every decision we make.

SDCCS stands for learning that is student-driven, project-based with great structure and facilitated lessons. SDCCS was founded with parental involvement/ engagement as a central theme. Simply put, parents are learning partners. We believe in the importance of the “whole-child” providing art, music and movement (PE and dance) with teachers that specialize in these areas. We value every child for who he or she is, and meet students where they are so we can help each child uncover his/ her gifts to share with and serve the world. In 2019-2020, we are working on the systems to support children. This includes enhanced systems for English learners and any child that needs an extra boost. Equally important is our preparation to align and expand our opportunities for all students to learn math with new tools and techniques. Our math focus includes a math leadership team that will work across our two campuses and technology to help students see math in the world around us toggling back and forth between real-world math understanding (conceptual skills) and operational skills that will allow our students to translate mathematical understanding to high performance on high school and college entrance exams (8th grade math placement assessments, ACT and SAT). Lastly, we are expanding our delivery of a research-based methodology to teach reading that will help students pick up this complex skill more easily.

At the executive director level, I’ll be focusing on these main areas:

-Align with the board to enhance governance and management level communication
-Heighten the collaboration of leaders, teachers, and support staff across campuses
-Support all leaders and instructional staff in implementing the revised academic growth plan
-Focus the LCAP implementation with an emphasis on the mathematics program.
-Guide the revision of our 2016-20 strategic plan
-Prepare for the initial visit by the WASC team as we seek a new accreditation as a single school with two campuses

Personalized education cannot be done alone. At SDCCS, teachers, students, parents, school leaders, support staff and the community all strive together and serve together to create a progressive school culture where adults are committed to learning new ways to help students learn deeply.

Come join us as we work to perfect what we and many parents believe is the best educational environment available.

Whether you are a current parent or a prospect, I look forward to meeting you on campus to discuss how we can work together to help every child love school, learn audaciously, and change the world.



Tom Pellegrino
Executive Director
San Diego Cooperative Charter School