​​At San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) our tuition-free charter school is known for our warm and caring TK-8 learning environment. To get to know more about the people behind our school culture, we recently chatted with SDCCS Middle School STEM 6 Teacher Taylor Davis. Here’s what she had to say!

Taylor Davis, SDCCS Middle School STEM 6 Teacher

When did you know you wanted to be an educator or staff member in the education field? 

After college I worked in university fundraising for five years raising money for research at UC Davis. I loved working with the professors and students, but I knew it wasn’t the career I wanted long term. I started browsing other careers through volunteer work– I got certified to answer a crisis line and then began leading a support group for people who had experienced domestic violence. Even though that group was for adults, I realized that I wanted to spend my time connecting with people, helping them connect with each other, and guiding them through learning new skills. I joined Teach for America in 2019 and taught 5th and 6th grade in northern New Mexico. Despite an incredibly challenging two years (peak pandemic), I knew teaching was the purposeful and fulfilling career I had been searching for.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

I loved my high school AP European History teacher. He had a way of making the historic events come alive and was incredible at explaining the significance of people, events and concepts. He was likely the reason I got my degree in International Relations at UC Davis.

How does SDCCS’s mission and vision align with your personal values? 

SDCCS is a truly child-centered community. Everyone on campus is committed to meeting kids where they are and supporting them in the things that they value and are interested in. I love that I’m allowed and encouraged to be creative in the classroom and make choices that support the specific group of students I have each year. 

What do you love most about your role? 

I love 6th graders. They are starting to show some independence but still are so curious about the world around them and can still be surprised and delighted by the way things work. I really enjoy cultivating moments of joy in math, especially for students who don’t normally find it enjoyable. I also love teaching and participating in hands-on science and creating the moment where students realize a key piece of how things work. 

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