August 22, 2019

Notice from the Board & Executive Director

SDCCS Parents and Community,

SDCCS is often referred to as the rainbow unicorn bubble, where children can retain their innocence for a few years longer than being jettisoned into the competitive environment that attempts to score children’s rate of development at every turn. If you are new to our school this year, you are entering a community that will support your child’s development academically, socially and emotionally in a balanced way. You’ll quickly learn that the community will support you through your triumphs and trials as a parent.  We all make mistakes on a daily basis as parents and human beings. If you are a returning parent, please find the new parents and envelop them in the most supportive school community around.

Just as we as parents are growing, we have a growth mindset as a governance team and as leaders of SDCCS.  As a board, we are committed to adding to our knowledge by attending board trainings, networking with other boards and being open to new board members’ points of view.  We are actively seeking board replacements for the recent board departures including the staff member from MV. At the Executive Director level, you’ll see more of me on the MV campus as I support the improvement strategies outlined in the academic school growth plan and the LCAP.  Together, Mollie, the entire Board of Directors and me are committed to the highest levels of communication in 2019-20. We are working on policies to clarify hiring processes and other areas. We will also be attending the CA Charter School Association conference as a governance team to increase our knowledge.

We look forward to a great 2019-20 and welcome every child, parent, and community member back!

Reminder: SDCCS Board President, Board Treasurer and Exec. Director will be on the MV Campus: Come visit with the Mollie, Simon and Tom on Friday (8/22/2019) at 12PM in the MV lunch court to share your hopes and ask questions.

Mollie Shannon & Tom Pellegrino
Board President    Executive Director