When is a school more than a school? When it’s a place of belonging for all students – and their families! At San Diego Cooperative Charter School, our tuition-free TK-8 school prides itself as a chosen community for our enrolled families. So what can you expect when you join our school?

mother embracing her smiling son at San Diego Cooperative tuition-free charter school

We Want To Know You

Our staff and teachers welcome new families and take the time to get to know you as well as your children. Our innovative “looping” teaching model enables our highly skilled teachers to stay with each classroom of students in grades 1-2 and 3-4 for two years, and grades 6-8 humanities students stay together for three years. Looping develops strong relationships between teachers, students and caregivers, and helps us better understand and support each students’ academic strengths and challenges. 

When parents visit our school, you are greeted by name by our staff and teachers and encouraged to get involved in the life of our campus. In fact, every family that enrolls in San Diego Coop is expected to volunteer on or off campus during the year.  From classroom volunteers to PSA members to Coop School Board leaders, families and caregivers are an essential part of our community. 

We’ll Work Together With You

At San Diego Coop, we understand that parent involvement is key to student success. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in school have better attendance and behavior, get better grades, demonstrate better social skills and adapt better to school. Parent involvement also sets students up to develop a lifelong love of learning. 

San Diego Coop teachers partner with you and all caregivers through honest and frequent communication about your child’s school experience, and we offer positive and creative solutions for any challenging issues. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for families to directly engage with your child’s learning as classroom assistants, recess and lunch attendants, field trip chaperones, and much more. And be prepared: our families often report that they enjoy being in our classrooms as much as their children do!

adult pointing out parts of a sunflower growing in a garden to a group of San Diego Cooperative Charter School students

We Include Everyone

“Community” doesn’t just mean families at San Diego Coop. We host three annual Project Nights and invite the broader community to celebrate our students’ work. We partner with area businesses on service learning projects that engage Coop students as volunteers both during and after school hours. We celebrate the International Day of Peace with an annual parade through Linda Vista, and visit local zoos, history centers and more on field trips for all ages. 

San Diego Cooperative School places families first. Parents, teachers and staff partner together to ensure student success, in a warm and inclusive environment that values all. Contact us and learn more today!


About San Diego Cooperative Charter School
San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a tuition-free charter school serving TK-8 grade students in the San Diego, CA area. Our warm learning atmosphere and excellent academics inspire empathetic, engaged lifelong learners. Students are supported by a unique co-op model of family engagement. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.