7th Grade Extended Field Trip

Joshua Tree National Park

7th Grade Extended Field Trip

Long ago, when this exciting trip was conceived, the idea was that adolescents often need, as part of their natural development into adults, to push boundaries and challenge themselves to take risks. Research makes clear that providing kids with healthy risk-taking opportunities can have a profoundly positive effect on their lives. We settled on a desert trip because the other grade level trips were mountain and water environments.

When students attend this trip, they:

  • Study the unique cultural history and people of the Joshua Tree National Park region.
  • Learn about the natural science of the three distinct ecosystems converging in the park.
  • Students explore the night sky that the remoteness of the desert makes exceptionally visible.
  • Challenge themselves physically with hiking, rock-climbing and navigating the harsh environment.
  • Build community and team spirit by camping and collaborating with classmates and adults.

Students rotate through daily activities for four days and three nights. When they are done, they have had an amazing time they remember fondly for the rest of their lives.