When you visit San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) you may be surprised to find students of different ages grouped together in the same classroom. This model, known as “looping”, has so many benefits to our students – and our school! 

What is it?

The looping model was first introduced in Waldorf schools in the early 1900’s. Instead of being assigned to another teacher at the end of every school year, students remain in the same classroom for two years. At SDCCS, our highly skilled teachers stay with their classrooms in grades 1-2 and 3-4 for two years. Want to learn more? Here are 5 ways that looping can work for your child!

1. Family Connections

Looping ensures that each family is valued and known as a member of our community. No child slips through the cracks. Because they spend two years together, our younger students and their families are able to establish a strong connection with their teachers. And caregivers are comfortable reaching out to teachers with questions or concerns. At SDCCS, looping helps families stay involved in their child’s learning!

two students at San Diego Cooperative tuition-free TK-8 charter school work together on a shaving cream art sculpture.

2. Supporting Students

Long-term relationships that are created through looping increases the ability of our teachers to understand the strengths and challenges of each student. From academics to anxieties, we are able to work with each student and take the time to creatively respond with opportunities for enrichment or support. And SDCCS teachers’ skilled knowledge of brain development, multiple intelligences, and learning styles enable them to develop strategies for instruction that can reach every student. 

3. Reducing Stress

From familiar classroom routines to quicker transitions into the new school year, looping can also reduce student stress. Students see their classrooms as safe and nurturing environments. They don’t have the back-to-school anxiety that many students in more traditional schools can experience.

4. Fostering Friendships

Research shows that students create strong bonds with their peers when they are in a looped classroom. Extended classrooms enable students to spend years together, developing close friendships and sharing developmental stages and milestones. 

5. We’re Happy!

Many of our families like to have the same teacher for each of their children because they have an established relationship with that educator. As a result, SDCCS teachers feel valued and trusted. It goes without saying that happy teachers add to a positive learning environment and respectful school culture – which is reflected in our happy students, too!

There are so many reasons why looping classrooms and our small school setting create a top-notch learning environment at SDCCS. Contact us and learn more today!


About San Diego Cooperative Charter School

San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a tuition-free charter school serving TK-8 grade students in the San Diego, CA area. Our warm learning atmosphere and excellent academics inspire empathetic, engaged lifelong learners. Students are supported by a unique co-op model of family engagement. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.