Why We Are a Parent Cooperative

Congratulations on choosing a cooperative school for your child! Research has shown that the single greatest predictor of student success is parent involvement. By choosing to send your child to a school where parent involvement is not only welcomed, but also structured to create the greatest possible positive effect on the students, you have taken a huge step in insuring your child’ s academic and social future.


For your child

During their time at SDCCS, your child will see how much you value their education and success. When you care enough to take time from your life to participate in her/his learning you’ re building their self-esteem and placing importance on their education. Your child will know that his community is also yours. When she talks to you about her day, she will find that you are knowledgeable and care about the people and activities that are important to her. He knows that you and his teacher communicate frequently and are partners in his school success. This combination of the child’ s home and school lives enhances the child’ s opportunities for learning in both venues.

For all the children

Your participation benefits not only your child, but also the school experience of all of our children. Our students see parents as members of a learning community, one in which all of the adults are focused on the success of all of the children. Students see adults who model treating those around them, both adults and children, with respect and consideration. Just as the children learn techniques for communicating clearly, solving problems, resolving conflict, and creating consensus, the parents and teachers will also have the opportunity to support community efforts through clear communication and consideration.

For learning

The third way parent involvement supports learning is the most simple and direct: with the help of parents, teachers are able to present a more enriched program to the children. San Diego Cooperative Charter School is defined by our numerous field trips that link classroom learning with the real world. Our oldest classes are able to take over-night trips and attend camps only because of parent involvement in chaperoning and fundraising. Our Art and Music teachers are paid, in part, with funds raised by parents. Our students have learned about brain research, play writing, and cooking through parent volunteer instruction. Parents acting as volunteers supply leadership throughout SDCCS, from the gardening committee to the governing board. These efforts impact the daily experience of each and every child– we would not be ‘ us’ without them.

For you

The final way membership in a cooperative school provides value is by supporting you in your role as a parent. Parents need a community – friends and acquaintances – who offer advice, sympathy, laughter, and company in the hard work of being a good parent. We are a diverse group by many measures, but we share a passion for our children and an ability to walk our talk that we are very proud of.