Visitors to our campus often comment on the warm and supportive culture of our classrooms. That’s because San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a TK-8 tuition-free school that nurtures our students to be well rounded, empathetic, and passionate learners. It’s an important part of what we do!

What Is It?

Empathy is the quality of being in tune with the emotions of others, and is a building block of morality. It shows up in students’ ability to imagine and understand how others might be thinking or feeling. It also helps them form successful relationships in school and in life. Empathy motivates many types of prosocial behaviors, such as forgiveness, volunteering, and helping, and it’s negatively associated with things like aggression and bullying.

It’s Who We Are!

SDCCS was founded 20 years ago by a caring community of parents and educators who had a vision for a higher standard of education. Today our school continues to rely on this community in meeting the goals of our mission. SDCCS is a true collaboration where students, parents, and educators take the time to embrace and understand one another with empathy and respect. The values that we share are represented in the teaching that we do.

How Do We Teach It?

Research shows that empathy is partly innate and partly learned. Therefore, developing empathy can take practice. From inviting a new student to play at recess because they may be feeling uncertain in a new school environment, to classroom check-ins where students can share how they feel that day, we proactively cultivate empathy in our students. Research indicates that reading fiction promotes empathy. SDCCS teachers role model empathy by listening without judgment, and encourage students to identify their feelings and emotions individually as well as with each other. And all students practice – and are recognized for – acts of intentional kindness and gratitude.  two San Diego tuition-free TK-8 charter school students hugging each other on the playground

It Can Change the World!

Empathy is a powerful predictor of behaviors that benefit society, individuals, and relationships, and a tool for life. At SDCCS, empathy extends beyond the classroom and into our broader community. Our students care for our community through service learning projects, neighborhood volunteering and support for sister schools in Mexico. They also take responsibility for campus gardens and animals, learning new skills and cultivating pride in their role as caregivers. When they leave SDCCS, our graduates have the tools to navigate their own paths through future challenges with compassion, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. By cultivating empathy, we are truly nurturing tomorrow’s leaders today. San Diego Co-operative Charter School is a unique learning community that values and nurtures empathy in all of our students. Ready to join our community? Contact us and enroll tuition-free today!


About San Diego Cooperative Charter School San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a tuition-free charter school serving TK-8 grade students in the San Diego, CA area. Our warm learning atmosphere and excellent academics inspire empathetic, engaged lifelong learners. Students are supported by a unique co-op model of family engagement. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.