San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) is a TK-8 tuition-free school that inspires students to care for each other and the world around us. And they don’t have to go far: our campus animals welcome students and provide healthy outlets for reducing stress and learning about science. To find out more, we decided to go to the source and interview Persimmon, one of our resident chickens.

Welcome Persimmon!

Why does SDCCS have chickens in the first place?

Well first off, because we are fabulous! We first came to school over 10 years ago, and we’ve stayed ever since. We get to roam free-range all over campus while the kids are here, and at the end of the day we have adult caretakers who clean and feed us. 

How are you a part of campus life? 

I like to think I’m the center of campus life! I teach the kids so much that I’m integrated into the SDCCS curriculum. Students observe my behaviors and I inspire their Writers Workshops. I’ve had a lot of wonderful prose and poetry written about me!

What do you teach students?

Kids of all ages learn about my life cycle – from my humble beginnings to the feathered superstar I am today. Some years students have helped chicks be born and some years students just want to visit us and say hi – activities change depending on their interests. Every year SDCCS teachers spend time teaching students how to interact respectfully with me and the other campus animals – we have a very warm and empathetic school culture which I appreciate! And kids can even take eggs home with them at the end of the day.  

Environmental education is a big part of SDCCS, and we also show students how everything is connected. Campus compost is recycled and turned into food for me and my feathered friends. And did you know that chicken waste makes great plant fertilizer? You’re welcome.

four students at tuition-free San Diego Cooperative Charter School going down playground slide together

How do you have fun? 

Just like SDCCS students, we have time to run around and play each day. SDCCS is well-known for their art and music curriculum, and we chickens have that too! We have a xylophone and we have wall art that decorates our coop. Students who have a little anxiety and need a break from their classroom can come out and spend time with us – that’s relaxing for us too! 

Are you a “Bird Brain”?

Hardly! I’m plenty smart, and the kids know it. I think the only Bird Brain on campus is Big Haus, the campus duck – he thinks he’s a dog! But that’s a whole other blog.

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