Fundraising Philosophy and Policies

San Diego Cooperative Charter School is a free, public educational institution. We have limited dollars to spend on enrichment activities that we believe enhance our student’ s education. Therefore, our PSA and Board organize various fundraising activities throughout the year to provide funds for field trips, special classes such as art and dance, as well as funds for school assemblies. We invite and encourage participation from family and friends of the CoOp Schools to participate in the wide range of fundraising activities that occur throughout the year.

Student Fundraising Sales

San Diego Cooperative Charter School does not support fundraising activities that require children to sell items such as gift wrap, cookie dough, candy, or coupons. We believe children can and should participate PSA-sponsored events that further our educational mission and provide donations to our school. All students participate in the event, but are not required to provide sponsors or donations.

Annual Fundraising

  • Gala: This is an exciting opportunity for adults to socialize and enjoy an evening of live and silent auctions, while benefiting the school.
  • Garden Day: This is a wonderful opportunity to take gardening classes from the SDCCS garden experts. It’ s a fun day for the whole family on campus. Dates and times will be emailed throughout the year.
  • Rummage Sale: This sale is a great opportunity for our school to benefit from all of your unused “stuff.” As a bonus, it is also a terrific way to promote the positive message of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.
  • Art Night: Enjoy an evening of art, music and food, while celebrating the student’ s artistic talents.

Online Fundraising

  • Amazon Smile: Our School is listed as “SDCCS Foundation”
  • Amazon link on our website: Just start your online shopping adventure by clicking through this Amazon Affiliate Link . Every time you make a purchase on through our link, SDCCS will earn a percentage from your purchase. Spread the word to your families and friends. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.
  • eBay Giving Works: When you sell an item on eBay you can make a donation to SDCCS. To find out how please visit ( Enter our school initials “SDCCS”when searching for a nonprofit organization. You determine the percentage of the sale you would like donated to SDCCS, you and the school benefit from the sale of your eBay items.
  • Go to and set it as your default Web Search Engine. Identify our school as the designated recipient. Every time you search – we make 1 cent.
  • OneCause: Earn money for our school just by shopping from hundreds of online merchants like Land’s End, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Scholastic, and Borders. Shop online through OneCause, for everything from apparel to groceries to travel, and earn contributions for our school. Signing up takes just a few minutes! Visit for more information.
  • SDCCS Scrip Orders: Scrip = “substitute money” or prepaid gift cards. Earn money for SDCCS without costing you anything extra. Just spend your regular budget, but pay with scrip! Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase, including: food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and dining out. Plus many cards are instantly refillable online. The SDCCS access code is: FF6C1F9D1L585

Passive Fundraising Programs

This is absolutely the simplest way to enhance your child’s experience at SDCCS at no cost to you or your friends. Once you’ve signed up for most of these programs, the rest is automatic. The money we receive from these passive fundraisers can make all the difference in the number and quality of educational enrichment activities your child will enjoy. Please remember to check the fundraising page on our website regularly, as we update often.

We encourage you to invite extended family and friends to join you in these programs. All can be reached through the school’s website at:

The Following is a list of organizations that offer passive fundraising programs:
Note: Please verify and update your information annually.

  • Albertsons Stores: Please register your Albertsons Preferred savings card at SDCCS can earn up to 4% of your purchases. Please spread the word, the more shoppers we register the better! Our School ID # 49000125663.
  • Box Tops for Education: Box Tops for Education offers three easy ways for you to earn cash for our school through everyday activities like buying groceries, shopping on-line and making purchases with a credit card. Please register at:
    • Clip box tops from hundreds of your favorite General Mills products. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to SDCCS. The collection box is in the office.
    • Start every online shopping trip at the Box Tops Marketplace and we earn up to 10% of each qualifying purchase.
    • Use this low APR, no annual fee Box Tops Visa cards over 20 million locations worldwide. A full 1% of each purchase goes back to SDCCS.
  • E-Scrip: Please register at: and enter our school name or number to sign up. Our school ID number is #148948648. Enter your Von’ s card and/or credit cards. The information is totally secure, and the school earns money each time you make purchases.
  • Labels for Education: Collect labels from Campbell’ s soup products, Peppridge Farm cookies and Goldfish and wherever you see the logo. Collection box is in the school office.
  • Office Depot: Office Depot and will donate 5% of your purchase to SDCCS; you need to give the cashier the school’ s name and our ID #, which is 70124389.
  • Ralph’ s Club Card: Please register your Ralph’ s club card (and those of your friends). Sign up at Click on Sign Up in the Participant box. SDCCS NPO # is 80503. Ralph’ s will donate up to 5% of your purchases to SDCCS.39
  • United Way: Our United Way number is 528139. Ask your co-workers to support SDCCS.

If you have any questions about the passive fundraising program, please contact the Fundraiser Coordinator(s) at