Teacher: Jean Dugan, Math/Science

In this 8th Grade Social-Emotional/Science Unit, students learned about the brain:

      • neuroplasticity (our brains change all the time)
      • back to front development (that means that the prefrontal cortex of a teen is not fully developed)
      • synaptic pruning (use it or lose it)
      • how learning happens (neurons that fire together, wire together)
      • the brain reward system and the DOSE neurotransmitters (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins)
      • growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

They chose the audience, problem, and action item/solution.

Enjoy their creativity, and learn from their messages.

Growth Mindset
(audience: 5th and up)

Be Positive
(audience: everyone)

No Vaper
(audience: 5th)

Computer Rage
(audience: 3rd and up)

Vaping is Bad
(audience: middle school and high school)

How Vaping Affects Your Brain
(audience: high school)

The No Dropouts
(audience: high school)

(audience: 2nd grade)

Use It or Lose It
(audience: high school)

Why Parents Should Regulate Screen Time
(audience: parents, 5th and up)

Brain Development
(audience: parents)

Endorphins are Dope
(audience: 2nd grade)

Human Brain Growth
(audience: everyone)

What is Happening to My Kid
(audience: parents)